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New Schweitzer Automation:

Below is the new Schweitzer Automation controller, NTSI is using this system as a RTU & Data Concentrator PLC.

Consisting of the 2241 Real time Automation controller (RTAC),Dual 2243 Power Coupler , Utilizing EtherCAT for additional nodes communications, and discrete I/O .

Picture below shows data concentrator designed and programmed by NTSI.

Shown below commissioning and testing the RTAC controller and Power Plant Device modbus communications networks. The second step of the software commissioning consists of verifying SCADA communications and screens programming.

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Schweitzer 2241 Data concentrator control panel .

Engineering Communications Networks Considerations:

Engineering communications networks to communicate from several devices in a power plant and remote facilities. In some cases this requires several different communications protocols, conversion devices and media.

Strong attention must always be in the forefront to the latest industry specifications and design criteria.

With this being the case older instrumentation will not have the capability to be upgraded to the latest communications capabilities.

NTSI not only provides complete communications network engineering,NTSI can specify and install upgrades and or replacement devices for outdated incompatible instruments.

Device inaccessibility:

As an example the SBS battery charging unit below, is located in the basement of one of our customers sites.

The face plate data was not easily seen so that in abnormal conditions, the charging currents or alarms would be noticed .

NTSI installed communications cable, SBS communications adapter card and added programming to one of our RTU nodes to display the charging unit data on our SCADA screens.

The customer requested that we add the SBS data to the plant daily readings automatic report printouts .

(Select the link below to open one example of automatic daily report printout showing charging unit data.)

24 Hour daily Plant Reading Automatic Printout

The plant operators and supervisors can now identify problems with the SBS battery system more easily. This can now be done by viewing live SBS screen data and automatic report printouts.

New Metering:

NTSI is currently upgrading outdated GE 5100s with the new Schweitzer 735.

In addition installing new 735s where no metering is present.

Schweitzer 735 Power Quality and Recording Meter. Installed at Substations.

SEL 735 installed in generation switchgear - replacing the outdated EPM5100.

Standby for updated information on these projects.

(Last Update 01 20 2017)




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(Below are some of our current projects as of 02 09 2017)

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Municipal Power Plant SCADA Systems

Example below : Complete SCADA System @ Municipal Utilities in Minnesota (Prior to installation in console cabinet- updates to follow).

The system below is a 2012 Server - MSSQL 2014 based SCADA system , Schweitzer 3530 , 3031 Radios and 3505 Utility Data interface. This system is completely engineered, specified, Installed and programmed by NTSI.

Below : Main SCADA Screen from system above displays entire distribution system drawing and important data readings at key distribution points.

Example below : Complete SCADA System @ Municipal Utilities in Minnesota. The system below is a multi server computer SCADA system engineered ,specified and programmed by NTSI.

Including a windows 2012 Enterprise MSSQL 2014 based Master server -(lower left) Which provides for master data concentration for the entire power plant. The data is collected from facilities concentrated instrument locations over various networks. This Master server also provides several automatic data printouts of plant data collected. The various automatic reports were developed and customized based on the customer requests.

The secondary windows 2012 Standard server (lower middle) is located in the engineering office and acts as a plant systems interface for technical personnel , this computer provides a direct data connection to the main server for purposes of viewing live plant data, generation , historical trending and reporting.

This secondary server also controls multi channel video controller that displays 4 quadrants of data on a 60" HDTV monitor in the facilities managers office. (Photos to follow)The four quadrants of video consist of Power Plant SCADA, GIS, AMR and Facilities Managers desktop computer . Any of the 4 quadrants can be zoomed to full 60 inch view for analysis .

The (lower right) shows a Schweitzer 3351 located at the remote substation building this computer is configured to provide data to the master SCADA server , This computer is configured to extract information from two 8700 series XCEL energy meters at the Substation Transformers, some of the data polled are MW, Volts, Amperage, KVA and PF. This Schweitzer 3351 also provides communications to other substation devices and makes this data available to the master scada.


Example Below : Complete SCADA System @ Springfield Municipal Utility - Springfield Minnesota. The system below is a multi server computer SCADA system engineered , Specified and fully programmed by NTSI. The Master server (lower left) is located at the main power plant which provides several automatic data printouts of plant wide and remote location data collected. The system includes alarm messaging and paging system to alert plant personnel in the event of system or device faults.

The remote concentrator and control (lower right) is located at the remote substation building - Including Schweitzer 3354 Computer with direct communications to the Schweitzer 734 advanced metering system. The 734 was provided by Western Area Power (WAPA). Springfield is now able to accurately collect and historically record substation load data ,record and monitor overall generation , re-closer data and other important substation information.

The remote substation communications also includes provisions for surveillance video of the substation yard , live video data can be viewed at the power plant main Scada System server . Also on the right in cabinet 1 is a printer (Not shown) this will enable the operator to print historical logging information directly related to any faults produced at the remote substation.


Below : Main SCADA Screen displays entire distribution data readings at key distribution points.

Below: Remote Substation Industrial Computer and Data Concentrator Automation controller.

Municipal Power Plant GIS Systems

Example below- GIS integration phases : Graphical Information System (GIS) for Public Utilities Minnesota. NTSI Specified ESRI , Programmed and provided computer (s), software and a GPS unit for the Public Utility. This gives the utility the ability to locate and map wire runs ,switches, junction boxes, devices location and different utility connections throughout the city. This data is then integrated into the city map(s) and printed for the latest location data to be evaluated for engineering purposes, monitoring or when work requires excavating a specific project site.

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Contact NTSI and request a copy of our GIS locating instruction and training manual , this document was custom developed for Utility Technicians training and system instruction.

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Power Plant Data Concentrator Nodes and Devices

Examples Below : Power Plant Data Concentrators provided by NTSI. The primary purpose of these PLCs and RTUs is to monitor instruments throughout the facilities and remote sites. Negotiating individual device communication protocols, performing data manipulation and making data available for SCADA Systems or Subsystems.      

     Schweitzer Data Concentrator and Control

Below : (Left ) Springfield Municipal Utility . Installation in process of Schweitzer RTAC Axion as master RTU Node 1 of 2. Below : (Right) Blue Earth Light and Water Remote Substation Generator Control Panel PLC Programming and SCADA communications.

Below : New Axion RTU master in the background - Providing SCADA communications and control to Power Plant Switchgear.


Municipal Power Plant Meter Upgrades and SCADA Communications Integration

NTSI Specializes in engineering and design of instrument communications networks so that important facilities and power plant data can be communicated to SCADA computer systems. The devices can range from high voltage feeder metering, transformer tap position, generator kw, substations load, generator fuel supplies, generation time or remote sub stations Schweitzer instrumentation interface.

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Utility Interconnect Metering, Communication networks and Data.

Example Below : Installed new power quality and revenue meters at 69kv substation. NTSI engineered, programmed and integrated into new SCADA system also provided by NTSI.

NTSI configured the master SCADA Server computer in the main plant to historically log specific meter information to data base at various time increments. This data was then available on the SCADA master reports. In addition live meter data is displayed on the SCADA systems screens.

The logged meter information proved to be very helpful with utility interconnect usage billing and statements evaluation. In addition graphical reports provide the tools to evaluate voltage, current, kw, vars and power factor values.

(Data to Follow)