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NTSI Software and Systems Services

NTSI Special Technical Services

NTSI Specializes In :

•SCADA Systems

•Data Systems

•Data Concentrators

•Custom Software

•Controls Design


•Computer Systems

•IT Services


•Technical Manuals

•PLC Programming

•GIS Systems











Automation Systems HMI

The examples below show custom operator Interface screens developed for various Automated processes. NTSI Specified the system(s) Computers, Software, PLCs,Touch Screens, Communications networks and various interconnect devices.


Turbine Generator

Example 1 : The screens below show NTSI install of Jet Turbine supervisory control that includes specified computer(s) operator interface and software.

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            Generator System Overview                              Jet Engine Main







Production Analysis and Performance

Example 2 : The screens below show NTSI installs of multi machinery process lines production analysis systems . In this case the production analysis system consisted of production class server computers with MS Server 2012, MSSQL Server 2014 and Rockwell Software RSBizware, Plant Metrics and Historian. The systems utilize Rockwell Software factory Talk to communicate to Control Logix Processors on the Process lines.

The customer utilized quickweb to view production performance reports throughout the facilities and remote sites. The customers inside sales staff are able to view individual production runs by order number and inform their customers of the order availability, increasing their delivery schedule reliability.

Maintenance personnel can review the individual process lines down time reports and determine patterns or repeated line stoppage occurrences. Scheduled maintenance and repairs or process adjustments can then be made based on this data.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) can be determined by comparing production reports , process speeds and material differences in respect to line stoppages or energy usage.


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                 Daily Shift Summary                                  Production Overview







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             Monthly Shift Summary                                 Production Downtime







Special Process Automation Interface

The screens below show a specialized mixing and filtration process using Wonderware Intouch Software, PLC5 and 1395 DC drives. NTSI played a critical role in the development of this system screens, software, PLC programming and computers systems throughout the life cycle of this project.

When additions to the process mixing and grinding of the substrate process requirements evolved or changed. NTSI was called to add additional PLC drops with operator interface HMI stations.


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Filtration                                                       Mixing Processes







Transfer Press Automation Interface

The screens below show a HMI screens from a transfer press control system , all though this system consisted of hundreds of screens over 5 HMI stations. NTSI provided programming development, commissioning, proper operations consultation, sequence of operations development, guidance and classroom training.

The plants in which these transfer presses control systems are now for the most closed. NTSI played a important role in the design, development, commissioning and working with the press control group and plant facilities engineers on these systems.

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                Automatic Die Change                               Crossbar Transfer Setup







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