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NTSI Laboratories White Papers

Update 05 20 2012

In response to customer and engineering team members requests over the last years:

I am creating (As time allows) this white paper page that will include technical evaluation downloads that address specific tests performed by NTSI Laboratories, these would include such things as protocol communications configuration for a specific device in different architectural arrangements. For NTSI this type of testing is performed in the lab to help minimize on site commissioning headaches beyond the normal system startup processes.


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Example Simple White Papers : Select Link to download

Configuring your labtop infrared port to communicate with the GE EPM6000

Upload event files from Schweitzer 351a -Serial communications

NTSI performs and documents this type of lab testing to establish operational benchmarks in simulated situations where possible. This is helpful when new projects are engineered with a customer specified equipment list or for that matter without one.

I know that there have been times in the field that I wish I had a resource that clearly shows the procedure for configuring a specific communications device protocol to get the thing talking over the network(s) properly.

Then configuring the device communications to Master SCADA computers or RTUs and presenting data in the proper numerical format where required.

I began creating this type of documentation about 15 years ago because I don't have room in my head to remember how I configured that device to talk and pass the operational tests in the first place.

Over the last year for example I have a thumb drive with about 70 files of configuration documents I have created while on projects and in the lab most recently.

So stay in touch , I think if your like me and work with all kinds of Software ,device communications and network setups with various Meters,PLCs , Computers, Drives and Software drivers you will find this interesting and helpful.

Send me a email at let me know what you think.


David Stuart
NorthQuest Technical Services Inc