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NTSI Software and Systems Services

NTSI Special Technical Services

NTSI Specializes In :

•SCADA Systems

•Data Systems

•Data Concentrators

•Custom Software

•Controls Design


•Computer Systems

•IT Services


•Technical Manuals

•PLC Programming

•GIS Systems


Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Questions   

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Q: Your Company is located in Michigan, and my facility is located in Minnesota, If I need help with my SCADA System or PLC can you login remotely and fix the problem ?

A: Yes in all cases to date NTSI uses a project site VPN. For example, Goto assist or Logmein to remote desktop the SCADA computer systems. In addition, we provide detailed training as part of the project services. NTSI customer training also includes complete documentation and custom manuals for systems support.

Q: The hourly rates for a company that provides your services is usually between 110 and 135 Dollars an hour  and can reach up to 150 Plus—not including expense. Can you give us a better rate?

A: Absolutely- NTSI is very rate competitive and is interested in repeat business. NTSI rates are normally between 80 and 90 Dollars per hour—plus expense.

Q: Does NTSI provide Allen Bradley PLC programming and support?

A: Yes, NTSI has extensive experience with all makes of Allen Bradley Control Logix processors programming.

Q: Can NTSI help us specify a process sequence of operations?

A: Yes Definitely, NTSI always develops a sequence flow chart  or operational sequence for code development—this is a prerequisite to development.

Q: My plant electrical drawings are out of date and  some information is missing completely, can your company help with this?

A: Yes Definitely, Depending on the severity of the drawings condition NTSI can visit the site and gather information required to get the drawings up to date and in the proper format.

Q: Can NTSI specify a fire wall for our computer system DSL connection.

A: Yes , NTSI prefers Watch Guard fire wall appliances and subscriptions services for our customers, we can select and commission the proper protection device for your facilities computing system.

Q: We are having strange behavior with our older servers ,can NTSI come to our site and backup our servers and provide backup recommendations?

A: Yes NTSI would evaluate the condition of your servers, recommend backup methods and perform the system backup for you. NTSI can specify and configure software for automatic backup of critical data.

Q: I am a new customer , I need computer support can NTSI remote login and fix the issues we are experiencing?  

A: Definitely, Depending on what the conditions are NTSI can work with you to download the preferred remote access utility and begin the process of remote evaluation.


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