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Examples: Below is a complete facilities computer system at Municipal Utility Office in Minnesota. The system is a multi server, multi client computer system specified, configured and commissioned by NTSI.

The system consists of a domain controller master server running Windows Server 2012 Enterprise. The second server is dedicated for the municipal accounting system software . The server utilizes Windows 2008 R2 Standard and is domain subordinate.

In addition a dedicated Email server utilizing Ms Exchange server 2013 , This system also includes a Web Server that provides a dedicated on-site utility managed website and finally a GIS Server and workstation that gives the utilities a full GIS mapping system.

Preservation of critical data residing on each server is automatically backed up to secure locations by way of NTSI specified backup software.

Domain Master Server 2008R2 Enterprise - Accounting System Server 2008R2 Standard.

        3 of 8 Client workstations, Windows 7 Professional.

Example Below: NTSI Specified Hardware - Dual servers, Windows 2008R2 Standard, MSSQL 2008 R2 loaded and configured Operating Systems and Setup web server access for the AMR software provider.

In addition, fire walls were specified and configured with security filters. Automatic backup software was configured to save data to a standalone network drive.

Example Below: New SCADA Server Master, NTSI specified hardware, software, Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise and MSSQL R2 Standard loaded and configured. NTSI also provided all SCADA program development and commissioning.


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