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NTSI Software and Systems Services

NTSI Special Technical Services

NTSI Specializes In :

•SCADA Systems

•Data Systems

•Data Concentrators

•Custom Software

•Controls Design


•Computer Systems

•IT Services


•Technical Manuals

•PLC Programming

•GIS Systems












Predictive Maintenance


( Click this link to Check out this video of a transformer explosion)

This file was sent to me a few years ago ..Ask yourself could infrared inspections identified a problem before this catastrophic failure occurred?

Infrared Services:

· Overhead Distribution Troubleshooting.
· Underground Feeder Connection Cable Testing.
· Switch Gear and Control Systems Component Level Inspection.
· Infrared Training for FLIR, Fluke and Other Manufactures.
· Full color reports including thermal , weather and load data .


Grounding Tests:

· Earth Potential and Grounding Mesh Effectiveness. 
· NEC 100 Compliance Check.
· Soil Resistivity.
· Electrical Substations - Ground Resistance Test and Bonding Test. 
· Lighting Protection Systems.



 Power Quality Services:

· Power Logging and Analysis Trouble Shooting. 
· Utility Metering Verification and Validation.
· Power Factor Correction Installation.
· TVSS Installation. 
· Arc Flash Safety and Electrical Meter Safety Classes.



(More to come)