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Technical Services.

Documentation Server Systems and Server Based Applications for Municipal Utilities.

Below Images : Here is a large municipal utility server based documentation system and remote applications server completely provided by NTSI.

Working with the utility Staff Engineer NTSI surveyed the utilities substations , switch gear, PLCs, Data concentrators , existing documentation and drawings.

This effort would be so that a fully detailed web based documentation mapping system could be designed. This system took some time to get to whats considered maintenance mode (changes and perodic updates mode).

With this system a completely link based documentation representation of the entire power system can be viewed using a web browser on any of the inner office workstations residing on the utility network.

In addition applications are loaded on the main server to allow other program operations and power plant SCADA screens viewing from network workstations using a password protected web page.

This web based server system includes an AutoCAD drawings viewer and Report Builder. This system is also utilized in the power commission planning and review meetings. City map drawings can be easily called up for viewing in conference room setting for various discussions.

Below Image : Main index of the documentation system and subsystem drawings that can be accessed over the network. In addition manuals , settings and addressing documents can be viewed. This is an excellent troubleshooting and support tool.

Below Image : The Server above also includes a server based installation of Manager Plus software . I invite you to investigate this software as a excellent Maintenance Management tool .

Technical Training Services

Below shows a classroom in preparation for a GM MFD Line Supervisor Computer Operations class. This class was custom developed and delivered to 3 groups of 8 skilled trades and engineers over a 16 week period. Each class was four and 1/2 days. (This particular class was held at the Grand Rapids Michigan GM training center)

Custom Line Supervisor System classes were also developed and delivered by NTSI at GM MFD Oshawa Canada, GM MFD Mansfield Ohio and GM MFD Pontiac Michigan.

Select the links at the bottom to open example training documentation.



As shown below full computer simulators all with functional transfer press process applications were provided. Transfer press Line supervisor screens were reviewed in detail, explanations of operations, fault handling, die recipe setups, maintenance and PLC programming are reviewed. A complete technical manual describing sequence of operations, control panel locations, drawing viewer navigation and restart recovery procedures are also included.

NTSI Sample Training Documentation

Select the Links below to download some of our sample training documentation.

Transfer Press Control Circuit Training Drawing 1

Transfer Press Control Circuit Training Drawing 2

Transfer Press Control Circuit Training Drawing 3

Transfer Press Control Circuit Training Drawing 4

Transfer Press Slide Lock Circuit Training Drawing 1

Transfer Press Slide Lock Circuit Training Drawing 2

Transfer Press Clutch Brake Circuit Training Drawing 1

Transfer Press System Die Recipe Setup Training Example (4.43mb)

Additional Services Provided by NTSI

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