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Municipal Power Plant Meter Upgrades and SCADA Communications Integration.

Picture Below : NTSI recommended replacement of outdated substation meters with the SEL735 revenue and power quality meters. We were able to purchase a adapter plate to allow retrofitting the (2) SEL735 Meters as shown in the photo below. The SCADA system originally provided by NTSI was easily configured to communicate with the new meters . Upon getting these meters Online , the utility was able to immediately Identify substations Tap Changer malfunctions and failure of one of the units altogether.

Detailed reports provided in depth analysis of various system properties such as Voltage , Amperage , KW , PF and VARS.


Originally The EPM5100 meter is an excellent quality meter, however this is no longer available from GE - When Finding this out I was disappointed when retrofitting one of the municipals. GE recommended the EPM 6000 (next photo below). This meter is a cost effective easy to use device. Programming the Modbus interface to the data concentrator PLC was quick and easy once the registers were determined.


EPM 6000

 This meter is excellent alternative and provides a considerable amount of variables important when reviewing loads and performance. Especially when compiled over communications to the Main SCADA computer. NTSI put this meter through its paces.
Notice the Digital meter above the EPM 6000 - NTSI set this up on Modbus 485 to deliver data to the SCADA computer that allows exact calculation of generation time. 



EPM 6000 Terminations are easy to access and the display is bright and easy to read.

NTSI wiring a new arrangement of instrumentation, downloading configuration files and testing.


NTSI Inspecting communications connections and adding new com links.

                                                    (More to Come)