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Example Below: Cut to length Line retrofit, NTSI provided electrical engineering, software engineering and development, control circuit design, control panel build, drawing development, startup, commissioning and operator training.

The exception would be the conduit plans prior to pouring of new concrete, hydraulic lines installation, machinery setting, steam cleaning and painting of the old machinery.

Original Control Panel and Leveler.

Provided by NTSI -New Control Panel, Leveler operator interface station and edge trimmer controls.

Here a picture looking down the line against the direction of flow.

Notice the new operators console and machinery stations designed and built by NTSI.


Below photos: NTSI on site at Keiper in Kansas City Missouri, Working on fine tuning operational sequences for a 22 station gear assembly line. NTSI created most of the programming prior to line install.

The system Included several pick and place robots , vision station , servo positioning stations, torque check, grease stations, spring load, wedge load, sorting and laser ID.

Vision Station Software work.

( More to Come)